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Saturday, February 25, 2017

APP IDEAS. App idea #1: musical piece search based on crude "singing" input.

I'll start a new series of posts, where I describe various app ideas. This should be a fun exercise and it's probably a good idea to publish---the hope being that it may inspire someone. I'll begin enumerating with #1 as an indicator when I started posting those ideas---this is not meant to interpreted that #1 indicates the first app idea I've had.

App idea #1: musical piece search based on crude "singing" input.

Consider an app whereby the software recognizes the music piece from a crude rendition---sung or hummed---of one of it's fragments. I have noticed this to be most useful in the case of classical music---we often recognize the melody, but are at a loss of who composed it or what the title is. It should be useful when we want to share the piece with someone but don't know what to type into the search app. So how about just having a search app that takes crude renditions as input? There's some promising speech-recognition software out there, so perhaps implementing this idea could make us of it. 

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